Third Month of Pregnancy

getting pregnantThe third months of pregnancy, the date started from the beginning of the ninth week within four weeks. On the 10th week, the embryos will move into the state of fetal period. Fingers and toes can be clearly visible, the placenta began to form, and the umbilical cord will gradually grow longer. On the eleventh weekend, the pregnant woman’s womb will grow into the size of a big fist. You can feel it is there if you press around the uterus. At this time, the fetal sexual organ is form. Fetal body grow one millimeter long per day and at the end of the month the fetal will reach approximately of 90 millimeters long.


On third months of pregnancy, pregnancy symptom will be more intensified, as the uterus grow, the weight of the uterus constantly apply pressure onto the bladder thus causes frequent urination. As the pregnancy move toward the 12th weeks, the uterus will move into the abdominal pelvic area, reducing pressure on the bladder, this will improve frequency phenomenon of urination.

Third Month Pregnancy Pointers

Here are the third month pregnancy pointers pregnant women have to take notes of during the third month of pregnancy. Usually most pregnant woman did not practice it due to their ignorance.

1. On the third month of pregnancy is the most vulnerable Teratogenicity fetal period, pregnant mothers must guard against viruses and all kinds of toxic chemicals. If you encounter poor appetite during this period, eat refined food. Eat food with protein-rich, fresh fruit and vegetables. Eat light and refreshing.

2. If you vomit frequently and seriously, go to the hospital for an examination, infusion therapy, it is necessary to ensure you have that sufficient sleep; the best is to sleep 1-2 hours in the afternoon.

3. Due to under the influence of estrogen in the body, from this month onwards expect some changes especially in the oral area, such as gums congestion, edema and gingival hyperplasia, easily bleeding. In medical term, this is
called pregnancy gingivitis. Pregnant women must persistence brush their teeth every day and night, rinse by gargling the mouth to prevent breeding of bacteria in the mouth.

4. Take a casual walk in the parks or garden for an hour during evening. If mosquito bites, avoid applying any oil onto it.


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  1. vera says:

    what if u don’t feel like eating some proteinous food like fish. what is another alternate?

  2. Michelle says:

    As you know meat is a good source of protein and other nutrients like iron and zinc. When you are pregnant it is important that your diet is ‘good quality’ which means you are getting a balance from all of the five food groups. The group which meat belongs to is the meat, fish and alternatives group.

    If you don’t eat fish your diet may need a bit more planning. Although there is no reason that a vegetarian diet can’t be healthy, but a diet without meat is not automatically healthy. Many young women switch to a vegetarian diet in the hope that it will help them to loose weight, however if you cut out meat and fish and do not replace them with suitable alternatives then the diet can become boring and repetitive. This may mean that you miss out on some important nutrients.
    Here an article on this

  3. Embete says:

    Thank u 4 all information.

  4. what is the effect to the babies if you unsleep during nigtime,it is possibility that the babies will decrease its development.

  5. Michelle says:

    Insomnia? If you having Trouble Sleeping, Avoid medications. It is not a good ways for combating Insomnia. you need to get yourself to sleep without medication.
    Try this.
    Consume a couple of hrs before bed time, ensuring your meal is definitely digestible. Try warm milk. Make sure your bed room is well ventilated, your mattress is comfortable. Use extra pillows when needed.


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