Sixth Month of Pregnancy

sixth month of pregnancyThe sixth month of pregnancy comes after 20th week of gestational age. During this period of time, the fetal has grown hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. The bone structure is solid strong, but it has not subcutaneous fat, so the fetal is skinny. Fetal now is about 30 cm and weighing about 650 grams. The stomachs of pregnant women began to take shape of a typical pregnant woman.

Sixth Month Pregnancy Pointers

1. At the sixth month of pregnancy, the pregnant woman should put on loose maternity clothing. Selection of maternity clothes material must be soft, moisture absorption, good silk, pure cotton fabric. It should not use chemical fiber type fabric.

2. As the calcium intake by the fetal increase, you will sometimes suffering from toothache or stomatitis. Pay attention to oral hygiene.

3. During the sixth month of pregnancy, some pregnant women will encounter leg swelling phenomenon while standing for too long. The swelling would worsen. If the swelling gradually worsened, you have to consult your Doctor for an examination.

4. Pay more attention on preventing constipation. Eat food containing crude fiber, such as green vegetables and fruits. Drink at least six cup of water daily. A pregnant woman who has swelling leg should drink more water during the day and less during the night.

5. There will increase risk of urinary tract infection during the sixth month of pregnancy. Drink plenty of water is to ensure smooth flow of effective methods.

6. Experiment results show that during the sixth month of pregnancy, the fetus will begin to develop memory, listening and learning ability. Pregnant woman can start by playing music or talk to your baby often.

7. Ensure to have adequate sleep, have appropriate activities and a good nutrition supplement. The main key is to maintain a happy mood during the rest of the pregnancy.

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