Seventh Month of Pregnancy

seventh month of pregnancyDuring seventh month of pregnancy, the fetal eyelid will begin to open and begin to grow eyelashes. Fetal brain and human feeling at this time begin to significantly develop together. Fetal eyes are also sensitive to light. The hearing also completed development for the first eight months of pregnancy. Fetal now is about Length 35 ~ 38 cm and weighs about 1,000 grams. Pregnant women palace around 26 cm.

Seventh Month Pregnancy Pointers

1. During the seventh month of pregnancy, pregnant woman have to ensure sufficient sleep.

2. The proportion of food intake is important for pregnant woman. Diversification of food supply such as meat and beans.

3. Pregnant woman at this period of time must learn abdominal breathing. This is to ensure sufficient oxygen to delivery to the fetus. The correct way to do that is by putting a small pillow behind the knee extension, the whole body at relaxes mood, gently put your hand on the stomach. Then start doing the abdominal breathing.

Inhale gently with the nose until the stomach look like swelling. Exhale slowly out. Do three or more times a day.

4. This period of time fetal should continue to listen to music. In addition, show affection by caressing your abdomen. These moves will show affection by caressing a touch or gently rubbing. The showing of affection by caressing and fetal dialogue will benefit the fetus. The father of the fetus should also be involved in showing affection by caressing and dialogue to the fetus too.

5. It is good to conduct cleansing and massaging to your breast.


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  1. my wife having a seventh month(28 weeks) of pregnancy now a days she suffer a pain on whole stomach, her ultrasound reports are normal her hemoglobin is 11, blood pressure is normal, blood sugar is normal, kidney, liver, pancreas, heart shows normal functions, due to continuous pain she can’t sleep for more than two hours a day , suggest me a suggestion for this problem.

  2. Travia says:

    hi ankur Sanoria

    Pregnancy pains are common and usually nothing to worry about. But you know your body better than anyone, so if any aches or pains are worrying you, make sure you talk to your doctor. Even if it does turn out to be indigestion, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    First of all you need to Identifying stomach pains during pregnancy

    Stomach pains during pregnancy are not unusual. And on their own, they are not normally anything to worry about, but occasionally, abdominal pain or stomach cramps can be a sign of something serious, especially if you’re experiencing other symptoms at the same time.

    Common causes of stomach pain

    • Indigestion or heartburn – stomach pain sometimes with nausea

    • Ligaments around your uterus stretching – this can cause mild stomach cramps

    • Feeling tense – this can cause stomach cramps during or after orgasm

    More serious causes of stomach pain

    Sometimes, stomach pain could point to something serious, so if you do experience any of the following symptoms, please seek medical advice immediately.

    Since you have went to your gyna and have done a through out examination. I think it should be safe.


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