Second Month of Pregnancy

pregnant womanIn the second month of pregnancy (5-8 weeks), the embryo is under going development. At week 5, we will able to distinguish the facial features such as eyes, ears, hands and legs begin form. Most of this month is fetal organ formation. It is also called embryonic organ formation period.

In the first five weeks during pregnancy, the neural tube embryos gradually formed. This neural tube will grow into be the future brain and spine.
Pregnancy at around seven weeks, the fetal length is now 2-3 cm and weighing about four grams, the fetal has grown the hands and feet, eyes, ears, mouth can be seen and also the outline of human preliminary facial.

Second Month Pregnancy Pointers

The list below are second month pregnancy pointers for pregnant women to take notes of during the second month of pregnancy. Usually most pregnant woman did not practice it due to their ignorance.

1. The first five weeks as the cell differentiation in the developing embryo, the greatest susceptibility for pregnant woman is to avoid viruses, toxic chemicals and radiation substance.

2. If your menstrual did not come and have pass seven days, you should go to your family Doctor to check and confirm whether you are pregnant.

3. In beginning of pregnancy between 4-7 weeks, you may have general pregnancy symptoms like nausea, anorexia, fatigue, dizziness and headaches or some cannot even bear the smell of fume or odor. 80 percent of pregnant women will have these general pregnancy symptoms but only a small number of pregnant women will have it serious and some of them have none. These pregnancy symptoms will disappear naturally after third month of pregnancy.

4. Pregnant woman might experience that you will sleep one hour more than usual. This is fine as you need and must have sufficient sleep. Do pay more attention on resting yourself.

5. You must ensure you get sufficient oxygen. I suggest taking a walk for one hour in the garden to breath in fresh air.

6. It is very important to keep yourself in happy spirit mood. Your baby can feel your emotions changes and affect your baby development.

7. As for your diet, you should choose light appetizers and food that easy to digest. At this time, just eat what ever you feel like eating. Never mind whether it is nutritional enough.

8. Do drink lot of water to let the body toxic substances discharged from the urine.

9. Most of the miscarriages occur during the first trimester. You should avoid any forced movement example like carry heavy stuff.

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  1. Sonia rai says:

    does the stomach pain at the pregnancy of 2nd month.and what medicine should we take when the stomach pains at the pregnancy time.

  2. Michelle says:

    It is quite common for pregnant women to experience abdominal pain. There are many potential causes of such pains. Please do consult your gynae as the first three month of pregnancy is very critical of being miscarriage

  3. shaina says:

    I wont to ask how do miscarriage happens? How to avoid miscarrage? Do a 18 yr girl can get pregnent ? After SEX imediately pill is taken but still no priods What this indicates..?

  4. silpa says:

    Can I know what are the precautions taken to avoid miscarriage in 2nd month

  5. Michelle says:

    How to Avoid a Miscarriage
    Pregnant women always have the fear of a miscarriage lurking in their minds, more so if they have suffered from it previously. Hence, it is important for them to know precautions for avoiding a miscarriage. This article would give you information about preventing a miscarriage.
    Hope this help.

  6. silpa says:

    Thanku for info…


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