Ninth Month of Pregnancy

ninth month of pregancyNine month of pregnancy refers to the gestational age of 32. At this period, although certain parts of the fetal brain have not yet matured, it has already approaching fully development.

Right now as you caress your tummy, your baby not only will respond to you with her or his whole body movements, the baby into your inside your womb can respond with facial expressions too. Not only that, the baby will react with light.

Now the fetal organs are all mature, the body round, the skin is shiny. Body length of about 45 cm, weighs about 2,500 grams.

Ninth month pregnancy pointers

1. During the ninth month of pregnancy, belly of the pregnant woman will grow bigger. Growing belly of pregnant woman can flustered asthma. Pay attention on your diet, not to overeat. Reduce on meal intake; snacking is considering part of your diet.

2. Light can enhance fetal brain development and maturity. It is suggested that the father of the child can use a flashlights to shine on the pregnant belly to give the baby light sensitivity training.

3. As the pregnant woman belly is growing, your digestive function continues to decline and this will more easily lead to constipation. Eat more of multi-fiber vegetables.

4. Again as pregnant woman belly is growing so as her weight. The heavy physical body of the pregnant woman will be a burden to their leg muscles. This will lead to cramps, pain. To reduce the pain massage your legs before you go to bed and your leg higher by putting pillows below it.

5. Majority of the pregnant women will be encounter low back pain during pregnancy. Do not be alarm the pain will go away after childbirth.

6. Due to mental fatigue and anxiety as well as fetal movement, restricted sleeping posture and other factors, you may or may not suffer from insomnia. Don’t get trouble or frustrated over it. If you could not sleep just simply read a book. With a calm heart you will sleep naturally.

7. You may encounter contractions pain or at time bleeding although the due date for giving birth is not due yet. This can be premature symptoms; you should immediately go to the hospital for an examination.

8. Have regular exercise (pregnancy exercise) that help you smooth delivery.


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  1. Tina says:

    I would like to know when the baby is induced & delivered at 8 months instead of the normal 9 months, what the child will be lacking “brain- wise” because of not having that last month (i.e.) mental or emotional. IT IS AN INTERESTING QUESTION & I would appreciate any intelligent response from a physician or an individual [including Google Associates] Thank you.


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