Fourth Month of Pregnancy

getting pregnantThe fourth month of pregnancy is the beginning of the 13th within four weeks of gestational age. At this point the fetus eyes, ears, nose has been fully formed. The placenta also mature, the mother and fetus has been closely bound. The dangerous period that might easily lead to abortion has basically ended. The period between now to the seventh month will be stable. Over this 16 weeks the fetus, are about 18 cm, almost as big as his or her mother’s hand, weighing about 120 grams.

Fourth Month Pregnancy Pointers

Here are some fourth month pregnancy pointers pregnant women have to take notes of during the fourth month of pregnancy. Usually most pregnant woman did not practice it due to their ignorance.

1. Entering the fourth months of pregnancy, your pregnancy symptoms will slowly began to disappeared.

2. During the fourth month of pregnancy, you need to increase the nutrition food intake to ensure food quality; In general you need to have a nutritional balance and in order to do so by taking from a variety of food. The food intake that gives protein, calcium, iron and other elements play a important role to grow your baby. Because of the role of vitamins and calcium that promote bone growth. Intake of vitamin D requirements are four times than normal.

3. During the fourth months of pregnancy, the baby will grow baby teeth root. You should eat more calcium food to let your baby to have solid teeth root. Pay attention on your sugar intake. You should eat less food with sugar, because sugar has a side effect on the calcium you consume and it can easily cause obesity.

4. You should also eat less salty food, intake too much salt absorption can create side effect to your baby during in the latter part of pregnancy.

5. As you move along your food intake will increase, this will cause constipation easily. To prevent constipation you should eat more of coarse grain and crude fiber fruit and vegetables, drink more water, and pack yourself with more activities. You can eat more yogurts and drink more honey drink too. Remember you must not use laxative to reduce constipation. This will lead to uterine contractions and lead to miscarriages or premature baby.

6. It is best to take a bath daily. The water must not be too cold or overheated. The choices of underwear you should choose pure cotton fabric with have ventilation and good absorbing. You must change and wash it regularly.

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  1. susmita mahapatra says:

    need to know tips for a normal delivery and healthy baby

  2. juhi saxena says:


    I am pregnant and till the third month all was fine . In the fourth month suddenly i m realizing that the size of my stomach has decreased and growth of the fetus is less.

    what can be the reasons and their effect on the baby???


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