Fifth Month of Pregnancy

fifth month pregnancyThe fifth month of pregnancy refers to 17th after four weeks gestation, the period of fetal nerve and sensory nerve campaign has begun development, a minor muscle activity. Hematopoietic liver began, the whole body started to grow hair and fingernails. Fetal length now is about 23 ~ 25 cm and the weight around 250 to 300 grams. It is obvious the under the abdomen of pregnant women uplift significantly. In 18 to 20 gestational weeks you will feel fetal movement.

Fifth Month Pregnancy Pointers

Fifth month pregnancy pointers pregnant women have to take notes of during the fifth month of pregnancy. Usually most pregnant woman did not practice it due to their ignorance.

1. When you first feel a fetal movement, it appeared as if it is the intestine peristalsis. The fetal movement at this time is not very active and it is not necessarily every day you can feel the movement. So do not panic when there is no movement for a day during the fifth month of pregnancy.

2. You need to give more attention of your body weight. For an average pregnant women weight will increased 10 to 12.5 kg. These can be induced obese diabetic mothers easily. These may cause abnormal fetal development.

3. If you may condition yourself at home, try to keep your weight gain not more than 500 grams per week.

4. The increased in size of the uterus will position yourself in a lateral position while you sleep. It is best to position at the left side. However, the left side will give compression pressure on the cardiac. Therefore it is appropriate turn around when necessary.

5. Due to hormone changes during pregnancy, pruritus might happen to the pregnant woman body. Pregnant women having pruritus during pregnancy is very common. You do not need special treatment. After the baby is born, this will disappear. Thus is best to have regular baths, change underwear and avoid food that can cause irritation, assure adequate sleep; ensure able to pass motion. All this will help to reduce skin itching.

6. At time you may encounter leg cramp phenomenon and this is mainly due to a calcium deficiency in pregnant women’s blood.

7. During this period of the month you need to have a prenatal ultrasound examination to be done to understand fetal size, activities, heart, amniotic fluid, the location of the placenta, the organ development situation.

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