Eighth Month of Pregnancy

eighth Month of PregancyDuring eighth month of pregnancy the fetus will reach maturity. Now the fetus begin to show block of small muscles in the fetus small body, leg treading and bouncing, movements from fetus is greater than ever. The fetus hearing is completely developed. Approaching 30th gestational weeks, you can capture brain wave in the fetal brain. In eighth month of pregnancy, fetal awareness activities began developing. Fetal head will slowly move to the bottom of uterus preparing for birth. At this time, the fetal body length is around 40 cm and weighing 1,800 grams.

Eighth month pregnant pointer

1. During the eighth month of pregnancy, guard against Toxemia of pregnancy that may harm your pregnancy.

2. Toxemia of pregnancy is an abnormal condition of pregnancy characterized by hypertension, fluid retention, edema and the presence of protein in the urine. Preventive and effective measures of this disease, pregnant woman must control your weight, nutritional balance and maintain adequate sleep.

3. It is a precaution for every pregnant woman to monitor the movement of the fetus in the womb at home or where ever you are. Here is how you should do it. At every morning, afternoon and night, in one hour time, count the number of movement of your fetus. Total up the three numbers and multiply by four. This calculated value is equivalent to fetus movement of 12 hours. It is perfectly normal for your fetus movement to be in between 30 to 100 times.

If the fetus in the womb has move less than 3 times per hour or number of movement drop to ½ compare to yesterday, there is a tendency for the fetus in the womb is getting less oxygen. Quickly consult your gynecologist immediately.

4. In order to prevent chapped nipple when breastfeeding in future, frequent wash the nipple head now is necessary then follow by applying cream onto it.

5. Get yourself mentality prepare for post-natal breastfeeding, the confidence in you will have a impact of successful breastfeeding.

6. During the eighth month of pregnancy, it is necessary to eat more high nutritional value of protein, minerals and vitamins food. Take note of the food intake especially fat and starch food to avoid fetal obesity. This will lead to difficultly in delivery.

7. To reduce or prevention from stretch mark during pregnancy, apply pregnancy stretch mark cream with vitamin E onto the tummy.

8. Don’t idly around at home, read something to pass time.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Am 28 yrs old from kenya. Am at the 8th month of pregnancy. This is my first child am expecting. Am very excited about this whole exercise. I have so many interesting experiences that i have gone through. Sleeplesness, loss of apetite, moodswings, cravings esp for soil and many more. The good thing about all this is that i have a very supportive family and staff back at my work place. This has really given me courage to face every days challenge. Those who are expectant should know that they are not alone.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Doborah,

    Glad to hear that your family are supportive and looking forward for the new born baby. And Thanks for sharing.


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