Will Yeast Infection Affect Your Baby During Pregnancy

When you are diagnose with yeast infection candida albicans. The main concern from most expecting woman are will yeast infection affect your baby during pregnancy? The answer to that is a clear no. This yeast infection are located in your vaginal,  yeast infection will not harm or affect the growth of the baby. If you are in labor and found you are infected by yeast, there might be a chance that your baby may be infected after birth when your baby passed through the birth canal. If the baby is born in the process of being infected, your baby may develop yeast infection in your baby mouth, commonly known as thrush.

The symptoms of thrush is there are white patches on both sides of the mouth and sometimes on the tongue. This disease is not serious and it can be treated easily. Even if you do not have a yeast infection, the baby may also be a thrush.

How can I reduce the chance of getting yeast infection?

You can minimize the chance of getting yeast infection by keeping your genital dry and your vaginal flora in the balance
If you can keep the skin of the perineum dry, vaginal flora in the balance. As yeast grow exuberant in warm, humid environment.

Below these recommendations were not conclusive evidence that can prevent infection, but it easy to grasp, it is worth to try:

• Wear cotton underwear, do not wear pantyhose and tight pants, especially those made of synthetic fiber trousers.

• Immediately take off your wet swimsuits after swimming. Change your underwear after each physical exercise.

• Try sleeping without wearing any underwear at night so air your genital area. If you are accustomed to wear clothes to sleep, wear a nightgown without underwear to allow air to flow in.

• Do not take bubble baths, do not use perfumed soaps, scented laundry detergents and those hygiene sprays. It is not sure that these things causes yeast infections. It is best to avoid using these as it will stimulate the skin of the perineum that cause you to have uncomfortable feeling,

• Gently to wash your perineum with warm water and never douche.

• Wipe your genital area from the the front to the back but not the other way round.

• Eat yogurt that have Lactobacillus acidophilus. In theory yogurt is conducive to maintaining proper bacterial balance and vaginal flora balance. Eating yogurt does not prevent yeast infection but many women believe that it does. Beside, eating yogurt can provide to you high-quality protein and calcium.

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